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The European founders of the TAGA Harmony started their involvement in the audio business in the early years of 1990. They were recognized music lovers and specialists in high-end audio, who were looking for sonic excellence in speakers. They recognized that most speaker brands that boasted top sound performance offered their products at extremely high prices, but they did not really provide good sound quality.

This prompted them to establish their own TAGA Harmony brand.

They defined the main criteria for sound performance of TAGA Harmony products, which is: to be accurate, with perfect localization, spacious soundstage and wide dispersion as well as a deep, powerful bass and impressive dynamics. As most brands offered this kind of sound in very expensive products, TAGA Harmony founders decided to lower manufacturer’s margin of profit, and focus on supplying our customers with absolutely the best performance/value ratio!

Nowadays the TAGA Harmony brand is offering high quality products for the audio-video market.
Our range of products consists of several series of speakers in Home Entertainment (stereo, home cinema) and Custom Installations (in-wall/in-ceiling/outdoor/garden speakers and accessories) categories as well as a full line of Multimedia Speakers (2-channel and multi-channel with Bluetooth® and aptX® wireless connectivity) and the Electronics line of products (DACs, power filters, headphone amplifiers, unique hybrid amplifiers with Bluetooth® and aptX® wireless music streaming) and many more.

TAGA Harmony speakers still remain key products in our offer. Our speakers can boast the finest music and home theatre performance with wide dispersion and spaciousness, a deep bass and impressive dynamics known from speakers designed in the USA, adding sonic accuracy, precise location and ultra-low distortions distinctive for German designs.

Utilizing advanced materials, state of the art engineering and innovative design by an international team of professional designers position TAGA Harmony as one of the leaders in the audio industry.
Thanks to this unique technology, used to build our speakers and the true passion of our designers TAGA Harmony is setting the standard for sonic excellence and offers the best value in sound performance.

Our mission and philosophy is to create products with stunning accuracy and soundstage, a powerful and perfectly-defined bass, sensational dynamics with detailed, natural midrange, at price range so affordable that it is almost unbelievable!
To achieve this goal our professional team of engineers and designers spend hundreds of hours on developing each and single product. During repeated listening tests and multiplied advanced measuring research carried by our R&D department, all potential weaknesses of the final product are adjusted and corrected to perfection. Combined with the large scale of production all these features make our products offer unbeatable value and sound performance!

If best performance and value is what you search for,
TAGA Harmony is your best choice!


All TAGA Harmony products have been designed according to the requirement of ISO 9001:2008 and certified with the world’s most important certificates.

The R&D department hires the most talented engineers and designers, who focus their efforts on developing the best performing, reliable and friendly to use products. Each project is fully tested by appropriate departments and approved for mass production after each and single detail is perfectly adjusted.

The production facility consists of advanced and modern assembly lines, with independent quality inspections checkpoints.

All our final products are always carefully inspected by advanced testing equipment and software and we have a defect rate less than 0.1% that is one of the best in the industry!